Tuesday, October 22, 2013

List of Political Blogs

Is politics a little more your thing? 
Do you love to debate your political views?
Love to learn more about controversial topics?
Here is a nice neat and easy to read 
list of blogs about Politics.

List of Fashion Blogs

Obsessed with Fashion?
You aren't the only one. 
Pages and pages of amazing creations. 
The blog below features quite a few fashion blogs.
and a few extra's that are equally enjoyable. 

List of Interior Design Blogs

I personally get so inspired when ever I watch HGTV. 
Are you an amateur interior designer, or just like to appreciate a well designed house. 
Here is a list that will never leave you bored again. 
Especially for the obsessive Pinner, (which I am turning into at times)

Monday, October 21, 2013

List of Food Blogs

I stumbled upon this blog while looking for a comprehensive list of food blogs. 
However, I quickly learned this site has much more to offer. 
I admit, I quickly got overwhelmed and a little lost, and couldn't find my way back to the food blog list. 
Know of any amazing food blogs?
Please let me know!

Photo Editing

I know we have a lot of choices in photo editing. 
This is a site I've used. 
Compared to my generation I am computer illiterate 
and this site was easy to navigate. 
I would recommend it to everybody for simple photo editing and collage making. 
You can probably do more, I just haven't discovered it yet. 

A List of Music Blogs

Tired of what the radio has to offer? 
Blogs are not restrained to what is pushed by corporations. 
This site has a nice long list of music blogs of every genre to check out new music. 
I love undiscovered artist.
Got a song you want me to feature on my blog?
Leave the Link in the comments. 

List of Book Blogs

Do you love to read?
Read Book Blogs. 
The perfect place to find other book lovers.
and discuss the books on your mind. 
Here is a list of book bloggers.
Be sure to leave a comment on there pages, 
Wouldn't you want a comment? 

If you are a book blogger list your blog on the sites above or leave your link in the comments. 
I personally love book blogs the most. 

List of Art Blogs

a very well compiled list of blogs dedicated to art. 

a few of my favorites are featured at 

Welcome to Bloggers Unite

Welcome to Bloggers Unite.
It is a blog I created to share with you great blogs from all over the internet.
Do you believe in supporting your local business? Farmer Markets? 
Well Support Blogs. 
They are made and managed by individual people like you and me. 
Have a blog you would like featured here?
Leave your link in a comment anywhere on my blog. 
Would you like for me to subscribe to your blog? 
Mention me anywhere on your blog and be sure to give me the link.